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Michael Pelliccio
Michael PelliccioManaging Agent
Michael Pelliccio is the President of the Board of Directors and the Managing Agent of Vernon Manor Section II. He and his family have lived here since 1962. He has been on the Board of Directors since 1987 and has been the Managing Agent since 2009. He has played an intricate part in brining Vernon Manor Section II to the high standards by which it operates today.
Angelike Orfanos
Angelike OrfanosManager on Premises
Angelike Orfanos is the Manager on Premises. She comes to us with 12 years’ experience and has proudly been with Vernon Manor Section II since 2015. She is very dedicated and is always there to meet the residents’ needs.
Martin Acevedo
Martin AcevedoSuperintendent
Martin Acevedo is our Superintendent, who has tremendous skills, pays attention to detail and is an important part of our community. He has been with us since 2000. He and is family are also proud residents of Vernon Manor Section II since 1998.
Jose Santos
Jose SantosAssistant Superintendent
Jose Santos is our Assistant Superintendent. He joined our team in 2008, and we appreciate his hard work to Vernon Manor Section II.
Saheky Santos
Saheky SantosPainter
Saheky Santos is our painter and always does a wonderful job painting. He has been on our team since 2013.
Christopher Monnett
Christopher MonnettPorter
Christopher Monnett is our Porter extraordinaire, always willing to lend a hand. He has lived in Vernon Manor Section II since 1962 and has been on our team as a Porter since 1999.
John Pergola
John PergolaPorter
John Pergola is our Porter. His hard work is seen throughout the grounds. He has been on our team since 2006 and has been a Vernon Manor Section II resident for many years.
Nicholas Colon
Nicholas ColonRelief Porter
Nicholas Colon is our Relief Porter. He is friendly, liked by all and does a great job. He has been with us since 2015.